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What ages do you teach?

Music lessons are for children of all ages, whether they are 4 or 104! Children are very impressionable and it is ideal for them to be a part of rich musical environments as early as possible, but it is never too late to begin.

When are lessons held?

With our wide variety of teachers we try to offer classes on any day/time that best works for our students.

What if I want to study Voice and an Instrument?

Great! The piano is the foundation instrument for learning most any instrument, including voice. Once a student has a good foundation in piano, gaining skills in other instruments is more easily acquired. However, if your desire is another instrument and voice, we can easily accommodate that. You can have separate lessons or take longer lessons to do both.

Why enroll ensemble or group classes?

Ensemble offers many benefits. Like any other team, students learn how to work together to accomplish a shared task. They also develop leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and apply what they have learned in lessons. Additionally, students progress at a much faster rate than students who only take private lessons, much the same way a basketball player improves by being on a team, and not just by practicing at home alone. Students learn to work together and support each other in a tangible way.

What is your Teaching Philosophy?

Our goal is for every student to have a positive, lifelong relationship with music, and the physical, mental, and expressive skills necessary to sustain that relationship through their chosen instrument(s) and/or voice later on. We want to guide students to be able to read, write, perform, and create music; it is a joy that literally “lasts a lifetime” and enhances their appreciation of the different kinds of music they hear throughout their lives.

What are your payment policies?

All payments are due on or before the 5th of the month and are non-refundable. There will be a $25 late payment fee after the 10th of the month. There are no refunds for missed lessons; if you miss a lesson due to illness, sports, etc., you simply miss the benefit of the lesson. Cancellations made by the teacher will be made up at a mutually convenient time based on schedules.

What are the benefits or private/group lessons?

Study helps to develop:
– Initiative
– A sense of responsibility
– Attention span and concentration level
– Visual memory
– Aural memory
– Time-management
– Organizational skills
– Goal-setting and task-completion skills
– Problem-solving skills
– Confidence in facing new challenges
– Poise
– An outlet for creativity
– A skill which will continue to bring pleasure throughout the student’s life